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15 Minute Coaching

The “15 Minute Coaching” call is for people who are looking for clarity and resolution around a pressing issue……clarity and resolution sooner rather then later!

Maybe you’re feeling unclear about a Big Decision that will have longterm affects, perhaps you’re making a presentation on something you feel passionate about and the presentation must be flawless, or maybe you’re simply feeling stuck and you need someone to help re-ingnite the fire.

Whatever the case, whatever the project, whatever the issue, a quick check-in with me will take you right to the heart of the matter! This is where we skip the “getting to know you” bit and focus solely on the issue at hand.

Here’s how it works: use the Paypal button below to pay for the amount of time you think you need. Be sure to include your phone number and best times to reach you in the Paypal form. Paypal will notify me of your request and as soon as I can, I’ll call you back. This can take anywhere between 24-48 hours but when we do connect, we can hopefully clear up your issue right then and there.

I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner, (taking into consideration when I can reach you, different time zones, etc.) As mentioned, I can usually get back to people within a 24-48 hour timeframe, often sooner, unless otherwise noted due to travel, workshops, retreats, etc.

How to prepare for the call: the best way to prepare for the call is to know why it is you’re calling in the first place. What exactly is the issue you’re wanting to gain clarity around? Be as succinct as possible in describing your issue (leave out the fluff) and tell me what’s on the line. That’s it!

I’ll take it from there and hopefully we’ll have you back in the drivers seat in no time.


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