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Inspirational Projects

This page is to highlight projects I myself am involved in and projects of others that inspire me in some way.

There are so many amazing things happening out in the world and so many talented, wonderful and compassionate people endeavoring to make a difference. So, I’d just like to share and to inspire and to encourage people to come together and get onboard.

If something here inspires you, jump onboard! Join a conversation, donate to a cause, add your .2 to a blog or start something in your own community.

If you have an inspiring project that you think I should know about and add to my site, please send me an email and tell me know all about it.

Other People’s Projects:

Playing for Change: Music really CAN change the World and how we understand and relate to each other. Playing for Change does just that – beings musicians together from around the world to share in song, to teach and to inspire. Check it out here and help support this great cause:

Lost In Living: How do female artist’s continue to give their voice to deeply held conflicts and passions that fuel their need to express themselves while trying to be a mother? Does their art transform because of their children? Are their children transformed because of their art? Lost In Living, a documentary film by Mary Trunk, explores these very concerns on an in-depth level that is both honest and inspiring. The film follows four women, all mothers, who are determined to make a go of it. After seven years in the making the film is almost finished but could still use your support! To learn more and to support this project go to:

Educational Tall Ships: Like Sailing? Like History? Like Helping Kids? This Educational Tall Ship project incorporates all three! The classic, 130-foot sailing vessel, called a brigantine, will be built from scratch over 18 to 21 months with help from students and volunteer carpenters and then sailed and maintained by Bay Area youngsters, who will use it as a kind of industrial arts and maritime history classroom. Jump aboard and help support the building of this glorious ship that will help provide educational opportunities to over 10,000 kids a year. To learn more go to:

The Sweet Death, La Dolce Morte: A seriously touching Novel by James Ellison Wills about Love, Change and permanent  Transition. For pre-release copy signed by the owner and to learn more:


My Projects:

Jim and I love telling stories we feel need telling – for historic reasons, to raise awareness about a specific issue, or simply for fun. Our medium is both digital media and writing and our portfolio includes Documentary Films, Video Shorts, IBooks, Travelogues and more. Below is a list with links of our work thus far:

Documentary Films:

The Benares of James Prinsep. A Documentary Film on an obscure Englishmen (James Prinsep) who lands in India (Benares…known today as Varanasi) in 1819. His genius blossoms and his work opens a door to India’s past that had been closed for centuries. Film holds a timeless and inspirational message for all! Completed in 2012. For Trailer & more info: directly form us:

The People’s Nepal. A Documentary Film about the Revolution of Nepal. The people of Nepal are a peaceful lot but have been living without basic human rights, and a government who protects these rights, for decades. This film is about their fight for basic human rights, the things we here in America take for granted, and the great risks they take to oust their King. This is a depiction of what a Revolution looks like and the great lengths people are willing to go to for liberty, and for justice. Be warned, Revolutions are rarely peaceful. Definite Violence involved. Completed in 2010. For Trailer and more info: Buy Directly from us:

-The Painter. A Documentary Film about a young german artist who comes of age during World War II and is drafted into Hitlers Army. He fights the Russians in one of the worst and coldest battles in human history. He’s captured but his life is spared because he can paint and he’s forced to paint murals of Stalin on the barrack walls…..and so, he survives! Only 5% of Russian POW’s survived. He’s remains a prisoner 4 years after the war was officially over. He returns to art school, eventually moves to California and has his first solo exhibit at the De Young Museum in 1953. He paints every day for 60 years and develops a beautiful and moving body of work. In 2011, he died at the age of 90 but not before we were able to capture and tell his story. Beautiful images, original score, tear jerking story. Completed in 2008. For Trailer & more info: Buy on Amazon:

-Hell and High Water. A Documentary Film about Hurricane Katrina (2006). This film shines a light on the loss and suffering which occurred due to the gross negligence of the authorities on every level and the spirit of the people of New Orleans, Louisiana, who rose to meet this great tragedy with every fiber of their being. Moving stories from all walks of life as they recall how their lives have been turned upside down. Filmed only four months after Katrina and most people are still in a state of shock. Completed in 2007. Trailer: Buy on Amazon: Watch for FREE on YouTube:



Three separate interactive Video I-Books of Winery Tasting Rooms in Napa and Sonoma Valley’s: Get up-close and personal with the owners, the winemakers and the wine. Learn firsthand about the passion and craftsmanship each winemaker brings to his craft. It’s almost like being there!

Napa & Sonoma Valley:

Russian River & Dry Creek Valley:

Alexander Valley:


Our YouTube Channel – Fat Belly Travelerwith over 155 Videos:



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