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This is about the Coaching Process and What to Expect:

Coaching – It is suggested one makes a 3 month commitment for both the Life Coaching and Business Coaching program. The term of 3 months allows for quality assessment, vision building, value discovery, identifying roadblocks, the development of a plan and, measurable progress to be made. Three months is no time at all considering the number of years most clients have been sitting on a dream or struggling with time/life/balance issues. Coaching works! It moves you from where you are to where you want to be. Most clients use coaching for a period of six months to a year or more because they realize progress requires focused attention, positive action and support, and because they are happy with their success!

Coaching begins with a one-on-one discovery session where the clients dreams, desires, past achievements and personal roadblocks are discussed. This session is for the purpose of introducing us to who you are so that we may know and serve you best. This is a 2 hour session and most clients leave feeling liberated and inspired by the attention they are finally giving to themselves and to their lifelong dreams. This can be done in person or over the phone and can be broken down into a series of shorter sessions.

After this initial session, weekly coaching appointments are set up and can be conducted either in person or over the phone. Phone appointments are efficient – they save commute time and energy and can be made from anywhere in the world. This means that you never have to miss an appointment even if you are seaside in the Tongan Islands!  When possible, in-person appointments are also good – many people prefer the personal attention that accompanies a face to face meeting and love having a regular place to go where it is all about “them.” We can also have a virtual session through Skype which is kind of like being here, but not.

Weekly sessions last anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on your progress and how long you have been involved in the coaching process. Once you get the hang of it, sessions and results tend to progress rather quickly in fact eventually, over time, you learn to coach yourself. Included in the 3 month coaching period are 12 weekly sessions. If there are 5 weeks in any given month, the 5th week will be skipped.

After the initial three month agreement, client and coach will customize a program that will serve each individual clients needs. This might mean we continue our regular weekly coaching sessions for another three months. For some, coaching every two weeks works best, and for others perhaps a longer, in-depth monthly session is exactly what they need.

Tune-ups – Once a client has worked with me in any form I will happily make one time “tune-up” appointments to get you back on track and to re-inspire your original plan.

Need Answers NOW Coaching! If you haven’t yet committed to a longer term coaching program and you need direction and answers “NOW” surrounding a specific issue in your life, we can skip the “getting to know you part” and get right down to business. Just fill out the form on the “inquiry page” and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

Hypnotherapy & Creative Visualization – Hypnotherapy & Creative Visualization works best when a person commits to 3-5 sessions for any one issue. Depending on the subject matter and the depth of desired change however, the number of sessions could vary. Learning and using self-hypnosis on a daily basis can improve your success greatly. Among the many benefits, self-hypnosis can also deepen relaxation, promote deep sleep, improve intuitive development and enhance creative expression.

Once a client experiences the transformative nature of this work, it is possible to make good progress with even one session. Single sessions of hypnotherapy or creative visualization are useful for deep relaxation and stress relief, clarity, decision making, accessing creativity, performance success, getting back on track and reinforcing positive change.

Creative Visualization & Hypnotherapy also work well over the phone! With all of our modern technology, there are no barriers to finding the help and inspiration you need.

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