Desert Moon Rising

Life Coaching & Conscious Living


The Services I Offer Include:

Life Coaching – encompasses all areas of life – work, family, relationship, passions & dreams.

Small Business Development Coaching – helps to formulate your ideas on both a cellular and manifest level, bringing esoteric concepts and dreams into the world of reality.

Spirituality, Consciousness & Meditation Coaching – teaches you the method of looking inward for your answers and for what “truth” is for you. We are our own best guides if we but still ourselves and learn how to listen.

Hypnotherapy & Creative Visualization – helps to change patterns in the subconscious mind. Helps to build trust and confidence in your infinite imagination and teaches how to integrate this imagination into your everyday world.

Inspirational Writings – reading inspirational works is but one way to learn about our own human potential. Writings based around the “how to’s” of personal development can help us to discover our individual callings, inspire personal reflection and show how others have ventured along the same path, building relatability and connectivity.

“Study the heart and the mind of man, and begin with your own.                                                                                          Meditation and reflection must lay the foundation of that knowledge,                                                                                            but experience and practice must, and alone can, complete it.”                                                                                                   —Lord Chesterfield Letter to his son, June 6, 1751


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