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Hypnotherapy/Guided Creative Visualization

Hypnotherapy/Guided Creative Visualization is the process of expanding your awareness by accessing and communicating with your subconscious mind. By engaging your subconscious with a clear, intentional and beneficial message, and by reinforcing this message on a regular basis, it allows you to achieve successful positive change in your thought or behavior patterns. Hypnotherapy and Guided Creative visualization enhances creativity, relaxation, awareness and manifestation. It’s beneficial in restoring balance to your energetic, psychic and physical bodies. Hypnotherapy and creative visualization makes it possible to move beyond outmoded habits and conditioning to a place of unlimited possibility, a life of personal choice and ultimately, deep joy.

The subconscious mind is the seat of our imagination and our emotion. The subconscious mind accepts everything that enters it’s realm as absolute truth and once an idea has been introduced, it will inform your behavior (for better or worse) until you identify and intentionally change it. The subconscious mind is one of our greatest assets and is the basis of all our creativity. Hypnotherapy and guided creative visualization invites our subconscious mind to participate in our lives more fully. Once we allow it to do so, we open to a beautiful reality that aids in greater acceptance, clear choice making and honest communication. This process opens us to our own truth and to the unlimited love within us.

Above anything else, our belief system and our thoughts determine the quality of our life. Hypnotherapy and guided creative visualization is a perfect way to effect these thoughts on a deep and transformational level.

What’s the Difference? The difference between Hypnotherapy and Guided Creative Visualization is simply a matter of focus. Hypnotherapy is the larger umbrella for both but generally is used for lifelong conditioned patterns that are no longer of service to you and for deep transformation. Guided Creative Visualization is a lighter meditation where your awareness is more engaged and is useful for visualizing your next step, tapping into your intuition and manifesting what it is you say you want.

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