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Inspirational Articles – I have been writing a column titled,¬†Spirit, Mind, Body for over a decade for a local Sonoma County (Northern California) newspaper. These articles are about consciousness, transformation, transition¬†and life. They’re about becoming your very best and learning to embrace, accept and be patient with all that you are. They’re about discovering, unearthing and embracing your true nature.

In my writings I encourage you to, be the best YOU you can be! For there is no one else who can do it better!

These articles can be found within this blog and soon to be published in my book!

My personal “quick tips” on how to have a Happy Life:

-Enjoy and Relish in all that life offers.

-Celebrate the Unknown.

-Remain Curious. Ask Questions.

-Be Grateful!

-Be Honest with yourself. Be honest with others only if it is helpful, not hurtful.

-Teach others what you Know.

-Seek Wonder!

-Be Kind.

-Learn to Love, Accept and Appreciate yourself!

-Laugh every chance you get!

-Believe in something larger than yourself.

-Be Still.

-Practice being Happy!

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