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What do Your Words and Actions Say About Your Life?

What do Your Words and Actions Say About Your Life?

The final article in the sequence of – Thoughts, Words and Silence: Your Three Most Influential Assets – will focus on your “words” and “actions” and the power they have over the ultimate success or enjoyment of your life.

I have chosen to use words and actions synonymously because they are both manifestations of our thoughts. They are thoughts made physical and visible for the all world to see. We all know words and actions are very different things – even as I write this a litany of cliché’s run through my mind informing me that, “actions speak louder than words” “talk is cheap” and to “practice what you preach” – but, put in proper context these cliché’s become simple reminders  to keep and honor our words by acting in accordance with what we say.  They challenge us to not only speak of good deeds but to make them real through action. Not to just speak of love but to become the love we speak of.

Every day we have thousands of opportunities to transform our thoughts into the material world. Our day begins when we get out of bed but because thought precedes all action, we must first have the thought to get out of bed.  We take a shower, we eat breakfast, we choose our clothes, we get in our car, we listen to music, we plan our day, our night, our lives and in the course of all of this thought, which precedes all of our action, we speak. We speak to ourselves: “Wow, I really feel good today!” Or, “I should have gone to the gym this morning; I am such a slacker!” with a tinge of guilt. We speak to strangers: “The weather is beautiful today, we’re so lucky, aren’t we?”  Or perhaps, “Get out of my way you blankety blank and learn how to drive!”  We speak to colleges: “I really enjoyed the presentation you gave yesterday Mary, it inspired me in new ways.” Or sadly, “What were you thinking when you asked that question? What an idiot!”  And we speak to the people we love: “I am so happy to know you because you bring such joy and richness to my life.” Or unfortunately, “Can’t you do anything right? I’ve asked you a thousand times to not leave your stuff all over the house!”

I am guessing we have all fallen prey to both sides of these scenarios but seeing them spelled out somehow makes it so obvious which statements are infused with light and compassion, and which statements are dampened with darkness, negativity and judgment. The messages of light are life giving – they are supportive, loving and infused with hope and possibility. The messages of darkness are life taking – destructive and generally infused with anger or resentment.

How we choose to communicate on daily basis say’s a great deal about our personal beliefs and informs us as to whether our life is guided by fear or by faith. Not necessarily faith in the religious since but faith in ourselves, in our personal ability to create a life of meaning and of substance.

There is such a fine line between the light and the dark, a shade of this or a tint of that, and much of our life is spent teetering from one side to the next – seeking balance, equanimity, peace. The beautiful thing about being human is that we get to choose which path we ultimately want to take. I believe given a choice (which we all are), most people would choose the path of light – a path that leads toward growth, expansion and fulfillment.

I hope by now you see the importance of your primary influential assets – your silence, thoughts, words and actions – and are able to use them to your benefit, to move toward the light that lies within you.

  • Through the practice of silence you gain awareness and clarity. 
  • Through the practice of right thinking you gain compassion, flexibility and inspiration. 
  • Through the practice of right action and mindful communication you gain a sense of connectedness, devotion and possibility. 

It is the intentional use and unification of all of these assets that adds depth, purpose and meaning to one’s life.

Taking time for silence, cultivation life-giving thoughts and acting with deep respect for all that is will reward you with riches beyond anything you can imagine in the material world.

Readers Inquiry:

  1. Which thoughts can I transform today to be more Life Giving?
  2. Can I observe my speech today and refrain from criticism?
  3. Can I refrain from speech entirely unless I have something loving or constructive to say?
  4. In what ways are my actions backing up my speech? In what ways are they not?
  5. How can my speech or actions contribute to a better world?


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Author: Pam Bell

Pamela Bell is a professional Life & Business Coach and Creative Visualization Specialist. She incorporates movement, meditation and art into her practice. She is also a writer, documentary filmmaker & video producer having co-produced four documentary films and over 100 videos.

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