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Creating a “Comfort Ritual” for Times of Change

Creating a “Comfort Ritual” for Times of Change

Change – has been the focus of my past few blog posts and this one follows suit. Of all the things we can do to help ourselves successfully navigate change, creating a “Comfort Ritual” is high on the list. We know change is coming! Sometimes we prompt the change and sometimes change is thrust upon us but, regardless of how or why we’re changing, having a safety zone of your own making can help you move through change with greater awareness and ease.

A comfort ritual of your own making will give you a place to go regardless of what’s going on in your life. During times of deep sadness, confusion or even overwhelming joy, having a ritual where you can check in with yourself, feel deep love from universal sources and connection to your true nature, will help you to feel more in control and to make better life supporting decisions. Decisions from a place of trust rather than fear.

In creating this ritual, it’s a good idea to practice it on a regular basis so when you are in a state of Great-Big-Deep-Change going to this place becomes automatic… in,”where else would you possible go?” As with anything, the more we practice and reap the positive benefits, the more we’re likely to reach for this resource when we need it most.

Creating a Comfort Ritual:

1) Find a place where you can be all alone. A place that you can call “yours” and where everyone else knows it is off-limits to them, except for maybe your cat. This doesn’t have to be an entire room or even indoors, just somewhere you can go where you can count on being alone. This could be a small altar in one room of the house, in a barn or garage, under a grove of trees, at the beach, a secret garden, etc.. Somewhere that naturally makes you feel safe and at ease. Maybe even your car or the bathroom, it’s totally up to you.

2) Collect relics. In this place, or in your pocket or purse, have things that bring you comfort, hope and joy. A photo of a loved one, a God or Deity, a strand of mala beads or a worry stone, a birds feather, a favorite rock, a found treasure……anything really that connects you to nature and the deeper part of yourself. I tend to use objects from nature because they are simple and pure, uncomplicated in the ways of the mind, but you can choose whatever works for you….maybe something you’ve made or a precious gift a friend has given you. It’s entirely your choice. You can hold this item in your hand, hold it to your heart, count the beads on the mala, examine the nature of it, consider how it came to you, the meaning of it, etc…whatever brings you comfort and takes your mind off your incessant worrying.

3) Sit. Walk. Dance….move or not, your choice. For some people, sitting in meditation offers the best opportunity for quiet reflection and to restore a jangled nervous system. It helps people feel more grounded and connected to the earth. A certain stability that is hard to come by when life is topsy turvy. But for others, and depending on their energy needs, sitting is the last thing they want to do…perhaps what they need is to dance! Dancing lets us move all that stuck energy out of our body. It clears our chakras and our mind. By moving about freely, by letting go of control in our bodies, we gain new perspective and can breathe deep clean air into our weary lungs. Still others’ might want to walk and walk and walk. It’s your ritual… what feels right and supportive for you.

4) Write. Writing is another way of getting all this stuck energy out of our bodies and especially, our of our mind! Write down your fears, your concerns, your anger and your hurt. Write your dreams and aspirations for what you want to cultivate when that next door opens. Write as if no-one will ever read it (because they won’t) and/or as if you are writing to a special “wish granter” that you know for sure can hear your words. Just write! Uncensored, unfiltered, unedited, just get it out. This is so detoxifying it’s amazing!

5) Ask. Ask for the help you need. Ask yourself for what you most need at this time. Maybe it’s to remain calm. Maybe it’s to be more tender or less critical. Maybe it’s to remind yourself of just how resourceful you really are. This is a wonderful opportunity to build intimacy and honesty with yourself…….and also, to listen. Ask for help also from the Universe. Let it know what you need. Ask for guidance. Ask for it to remover your fear, worry or sorrow. Just ask……..and then, let it happen! Let it work. Lean into the possibility without resistance. You have to lean on someone or something….right?

6) Practice Graditude. Give Thanks. Of all the uncertain things going on at this time in your life, I am certain there are things you can find to be grateful for! A roof over your head? A paying job? Clean water. Unlimited, organic food supply? A hot shower? A loving pet? Friends? In times of change we tend to be so focused on our physical and mental discomfort we forget all the many, many blessings staring us right in the face. Be mindful. These are the pillars that support you day in and day out without which, your life would really change! What are you grateful for? Shout it out! Sometimes this act alone renders all of our worries insignificant. You’ll see.

7) Think of others. Often, when we think of the suffering of others, our suffering or worries or concerns, seem insignificant in comparison. So much of humanity suffers in unimaginable ways. Just pick up a newspaper or go online. It won’t take but a minute to realize e there is great suffering happening in the world at large. Famine, disease, violence, intolerance, hatred……now what was that you were so worried about?

8) Practice often. As mentioned earlier, regular practice makes perfect. And although perfection is not a concern here, being able to know what to do in times of crisis, is. How will you take care of yourself when you need it most? What supportive habits have you created that you can rely on again and again? This should be one of them!

Give yourself the best possible chance to move through change as if it’s a natural part of your existence……because it is. Creating a “comfort ritual”will help.


Author: Pam Bell

Pamela Bell is a professional Life & Business Coach and Creative Visualization Specialist. She incorporates movement, meditation and art into her practice. She is also a writer, documentary filmmaker & video producer having co-produced four documentary films and over 100 videos.

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