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A Dedication to My Sister

One Republic – Counting Stars

Everyone once in a while life delivers us a blow so hard it leaves us lost, breathless, speechless, unprepared, ungrounded and dismayed. Sudden death of a loved one serves up one of these blows and it hits rock hard like a slap in the face. There are many more blows however like loss of your house, your job, financial stability, not being able to find a job, difficulty getting back on your feet, realizing first hand the temporary nature of everything you know, etc. and when you thread them together into a series of difficult years….well, that’s just too much for any one person to handle! It’s just not fair, now is it?

We have all been there at one time or another and when we are, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Some people turn to God, some turn to Buddha, some turn to friends or alcohol or drugs, my sister however turns to music….or maybe even some of all of the above!

I dedicate this post to her and to everyone who is having a difficult run (I know several who are) with a song by One Republic….Counting Stars. A song my sister admittedly relates to on a visceral level.

Crank up your volume, enlarge your screen, open up your heart and dance your booty off!

Sister, this ones for you: xoxox

“…….what kills me makes me feel alive.”

p.s. there are many other great videos of this song on YouTube. Check them out!

Author: Pam Bell

Pamela Bell is a professional Life & Business Coach and Creative Visualization Specialist. She incorporates movement, meditation and art into her practice. She is also a writer, documentary filmmaker & video producer having co-produced four documentary films and over 100 videos.

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